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Items Displayed are limited to machinery and equipment currently located at our facility. BPDM has many other items listed that are either surplus in the field or scheduled for removal.

To best serve our customers these categories are very specific. If you do not see the machinery you are looking for below please refine your search or do not hesitate to contact us.

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60 Valve Filler Capper

-Counter Pressure Machine
-16 Head Pick and Place Capping Turret
-Left to Right Container Flow
-Neck Handling on Filling Turret
-Capper is Neck Handling w/ Base Plates
-Currently set 28mm Plastic Caps
-All Stainless Steel Cabinets

-4.25in Centers on Filler
-4.25in Centers on Capper

-Infeed Star Diameter: 16in
-Transfer Star Diameter: 21in
-Discharge Star Diameter: 21in

-Unit Remove Running Production
Stock#: 13228
In Stock
KHS 90/20 Filler / Capper Monoblock

- KHS 90 Valve pressure Overflow filler
- White Cap 20hd "cap in head" capper
- 7 / 8 " valves
- 43 mm chucks
- DOM 1995
- Right to left container flow direction (CCW Turret)

KHS Pressure Gravity Filler:
- 90 valves
- Valve Diameter: 7/8in
- Starwheel Hole Diameter: 2in
- Machine Diameter: 146in
- Height 122in

White Cap 20hd Capper:
- 20 capping heads
- Allen Bradley Panelview 1000
- 25 5/16in diameter starwheel x2
- 47 5/16in diameter starwheel
- Piston Length: 7 1/2in
- Piston diameter: 3in
- Feed Screw Length: 28in
- Infeed Conveyor Width: 2in
- Infeed Conveyor Length: 60 1/2in
- Machine Length: 184in
- Machine Width: 96in
- Machine Height: 118 1/2in
Stock#: 12468
In Stock
KHS 90/20 Monoblock Filler / Capper

- KHS 90 Valve pressure gravity filler
- Upgraded w/ WhiteCap 20 Head Pick and Place Capper
- 7 / 8 " valves
- 43 mm chucks
- Right to left or tangent container flow
- Allen Bradley Panelview 1000

KHS Pressure Gravity Filler:
- 90 valves
- Valve Diameter: 7/8in
- Starwheel Hole Diameter: 2in
- Machine Diameter: 146in
- Height 122in
Stock#: 12469
In Stock
Krones Sensomatic Triblock Filling System

- 90 Head Inverting Rinser
- 120 Valve Net Weigh Filler
- 36 head Ultra PK Capping Turret
- 3 7/8 in Centers
- Includes Pneumatic Cap Feed System
- Capable of Hot Fill and Cold Fill of Still Products
- Net Weigh Unit – Individual Load Cells Each Filling Station
- 100% Neck Handling throughout Entire System
- Entire Fluid Handling System With Large Tank and Controls Included
- Unit is LIKE-NEW by any Standard – Only 6 Years Old

Control Panel:
-Manufacturer's #: K563A32
-Rated Voltage: 460/266v
-Type of Current: AC 3/PE
-System Frequency: 60Hz
-Full-Load Current lb. Max: 2A
-FLA of Largest Motor/Unit: 0.60A
-Supply Discharging Device lcw/lsc: -/100kA
-Auxiliary Power Supply:
-Rated Voltage: 115v
-Type of Current: AC 1/N/PE
-System Frequency: 60Hz
-Full-Load Current lb. Max: 10A
-Short Circuit Current Rating SCCL: 10kA
-Supply Disconnecting Device lcw/lsc: -/10kA

Unit is EXTREMELY Versatile, Includes Parts for 33mm, 38mm, and 43mm Neck Finishes.
Stock#: 13204
In Stock
Linker Monoblock Filler/Capper

- 60-Valve filler w/ 20-Station Rotary Screw Capper
- Set-Up with 28 mm Cap Finish
- Allen Bradley Controls
- Some change parts available
- 4-3/8" valve centers
- Neck support filler with infeed neck ring height at 52" from floor
- 3/4" nozzle diameter
- Footprint: 110" L x 140" Deep
- Product enters from left and exits to left
Stock#: 12989
In Stock
Ronchi 40/20 Filler/Capper Monoblock

- High filling accuracy:s= 0.2%
- No moving parts inside the measurement devices, that equates to no maintenance
- Measurement flow meter technology, that is not sensitive to electrical EMI or RFI interference or mechanical disturbance
- CIP/SIP at temperatures up to 130°C / 266°F
- All 304 Stainless Steel
- No product spillage during filling process
- Magnetic Flow Meter Technology Filler
-10in Centers

View Manufacturer PDF Here:
Download Ronchi Video Here:
Stock#: 13131
In Stock
Rotary Filler / Capper

- 28 valve filler w/ 8 head Snap capper
- Screw infeed
- 7/8" filler valves
- Footprint 92" x 60" x 82" High
- Container feed from right to left
Stock#: 12749
In Stock
Rotary Filler Capper

- 54 valve filler - 18 chuck capper monoblock machine
- 7/8" nozzles on 4-3/16" centers
- 38mm chucks
- Waterfall style cap sorter
- 480 V 3phase
- 60hz
- Stainless Steel Base
- Speed: 300-350BPM

- Length: 12ft
- Width: 7ft
-Height: 7ft
Stock#: 12887
In Stock
Simonazzi 100/24 Filler Capper

-Allen Bradley Controls w/ 10in Touch Screen
-Left-to-Right Container Flow
-Cap in Head Turret
-All Stainless Steel Control Cabinets
-24 Head Capper; 100 Valve Head Filler
-Uses Pedestal Bases w/ Neck Centering Devices
-Integrated Lift Cylinder
-Counter Pressure Adjust Nob
-Filler Full Neck Handling
-Capper Full Neck Handling
-Currently Set for 28mm Caps

-Design Press: 85.33 PSI
-Test Press: 127.9 PSI
-Design Temperature: 33.8°F
-Diameter: 13ft
-Height: 7.5ft

-Valve Diameter: .65in
-Product Inlet: 3in O.D.
-Product Outlet 2in O.D.

-4 1/4in Centers on Capping Turret
-4 1/4in Centers on Filling Turret

-Infeed Star Diameter: 28in
-Transfer Star Diameter: 21in
-Discharge Star Diameter: 28in
Stock#: 13227
In Stock
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