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Items Displayed are limited to machinery and equipment currently located at our facility. BPDM has many other items listed that are either surplus in the field or scheduled for removal.

To best serve our customers these categories are very specific. If you do not see the machinery you are looking for below please refine your search or do not hesitate to contact us.

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Consolidated C4FA Rotary Screw Capper

- Consolidated four head rotary screw capper.
- Left to right (clockwise rotation).
- Adjustable head with torque open chucks for precision torque control.
- Capper heads on 9" centers
- 208-230 / 460 volts
Stock#: 12242
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Consolidated D4FA Rotary Screw Capper

- Consolidated four head rotary capper.
- Left to right (clockwise rotation).
- Adjustable head with torque open chucks for precision torque control.
- Capper heads on 11" centers
- 230 / 460 volts
Stock#: 12243
In Stock

Consolidated D6 6 Head Rotary Screw Capper

- 6 Head Rotary Screw Capper
- 24-180 containers per minute
- Cap Size: Up to 100mm
- Container Size: Up to 5in Diameter
- Cap Hopper
- Cap Sorter
- Feed Sorter w/ Cap Pick Off
- Turret Safety Guarding

- Length: 96in
- Width: 48in
- Height: 92in

-Length: .96in
-Width: 2-1/4in
-32in Long Worm Screw Feed
Stock#: 13120
In Stock

Consolidated TG10 Explosion Proof Capper

- ALL Stainless Steel Construction
- Pharmaceutical Grade
- Explosion Proof Class 1 Div 1 Group A
- Left to Right Product Flow
- Explosion Proof Control System using Intrinsically Safe Relays
- Includes Integrated Sorter and All Stainless Steel Cap Elevator
- Includes Stainless Infeed and Discharge Conveyors
- 10 Capping Heads on 4.5' Centers
- Trans-Grip Cap Transfer System
- Removed Running from Pfizer

Cap Elevator (included with purchase)

- 8' W Felt
- 8.5' Cleat Centers
- Cleats are 2.5' Tall
Stock#: 13142
In Stock

Fowler Zalkin 20 Head Rotary OverCapper

- 20 Head Overcapper
- All Stainless steel construction
- Festo Controlled Servos For Capping and Cap Orientation,
- Cognex Checker System Used for Orientation.
- Hoppman FT50RD FT50-1L CRS Rail Style Cap Sorter & Hopper,
- Control Logix 5561 Processor With 7-Slot Chasis,
- Strong arm with Panelmate Pro 1700 touch screen
- Allen Bradley VFD's
- Full safety enclosure with interlocks
- 38" Infeed timing screw
- 10' Conveyor is 3.25" wide
- Previously running a 70 mm x 50 mm oval flip top snap cap, 375 mL HDPE/PET oval bottle
- Quick change 20 pocket inf/dis stars
- 4.5" Centerline between chucks
- Anti-Rotational belt
- Adjustable infeed cap conveyor
- Stainless 10 pocket cap pick off table
- Manual included
- Utilities: 460 V
- Dimensions: 125"W x 90"L x 120"H

Hoppmann Centrifugal Cap Sorter

- Model: FT-50
- Serial: 16933
- Mild steel construction
- Full enclosure
- 50" Dia bowl
- Air jet assist
- Utilities: 220 V
- Dimensions: 75"W x 75"L x 82"H
Stock#: 12744
In Stock

Pack West Rotary Screw Capper

- Stainless steel construction
- 7" Chuck Centers
- Full safety enclosure
- 21" Centerline between inf/dis stars
- 14" Dia/ 6 pocket inf/dis stars
- Morrison dual infeed timing screw kit
- Surrounding spill gutter
- 120" Conveyor
- Adjustable height
- Speed controls
- Attached 24" vertical sorter
- Fully adjustable cap chute
- Previously ran an F-Style oil quart, 28 mm cap
- ABB ACS 300 Drive
- Utilities: 230/460 V, 60 Hz, 3 Ph
- Dimensions: 128"W x 50"L x 116"H
Stock#: 12892
In Stock

US Bottler 10 Head Rotary Screw Capper

- All Stainless Steel Construction
- 10 Capping Heads on 7" Centers
- New Style Warner ALLM STAINLESS Magnetic Clutches for Torque Control
- Cap in Head Cap Transfer System
- Includes All Stainless Elevator/Sorter
- Container Travel Left to Right
- 4-1/2" Tabletop Conveyor Channel through System
Stock#: 13134
In Stock

AVE 3 Head Rotary Screw Capper

- Set up for 110mm cap.
- The model PPV is designed for pre-threaded plastic screw caps with a positive Pick and Place system.
- The capping station is composed of a column where the cap distributor, the chute with the releasing head and the capping heads are installed.
- The capping station is equipped with closing heads having a magnetic friction to adjust the closing force and are hermetically sealed to prevent water or stream ingress.
- The caps distributor automatically and continuously feeds the chute and it is equipped with a no bottle no cap sensor.
- In the case the machine has to treat PET/PE/HDPE bottles, the filler can be equipped with a neck holding system.
- Fully enclosed and interlocked
- 480V / 3 / 60 hz
Stock#: 12689
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Consolidated Explosion Proof Rotary Screw Capper

- 8 Head Rotary Capper - Explosion Proof
- 8 Capping Chucks on 6.5" centers
- Transgrip Style Cap Transfer System
- Standalone Vertical Cap Sorter with a 36" Sorting Disc
- Setups for 28 & 33 mm caps
- Container change parts for 1.75L & 1.0L
Stock#: 12846
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New England Machine Rotary Screw Capper

- Stainless steel and aluminum construction with safety guarding.
- Feedscrew infeed
- Left to right run direction.
- 4 head chuck style capper with elevator and 24" centrifugal sorter.
- View manufacturer literature @
- Currently set up for CR cap
- 208 / 230 volts 3 phase
Stock#: 12392
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