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BPDM has many other items listed that are either surplus in the field or scheduled for removal.

To best serve our customers these categories are very specific.

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Microblend Processing Skid
-Reduces Oxygen and Nitrogen Levels in the Blended Product
-Deaeration Occurs w/o the use of water Deaeration
-Reduced Processing Hardware
-Less Volatile Product at the Filler
-Deaeration Occurs in CIP Loop
-Carbonated Soft Drink Blenders Offer Optional C02 and N2 Injection with water deaeration and product chilling.
-Hot Fill and Non-Carbonated Blenders are Manufactured w/o the Gas Injection, Deaeration, and Product Chilling.
-Multi-Stream Blenders Enable the Addition of Multiple Streams of Flavors and Ingredients to the Finished Product.
-The Used Microblend Carbonated Beverage Blending System saves money on changeovers in two ways. First, when water is used to push syrup to the blend unit; the MicroBlend blending system decreases the amount of water proportional to the lowering syrup brix until the blending rate cannot be maintained and automatically shuts down. All blended product in the system is at standard and can be used with maximum syrup yields.
-Footprint: 11' X 7'
-Tank 1:
-Height: 6ft
-Width: 2ft
-All Stainless Steel
-Sanitary Frame
-Tank 2:
-Height: 2ft
-Width: 1.5ft
-Stainless Steel Control Panels
-Automated CIP Mode
-Tank 3:
-Height: 6ft
-Width: 3ft
-Stainless Steel Fristam Pumps
-Stainless Steel Flow Panel
-Requires re-tasking for smaller production flows, Integration and Testing
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Mojonnier Carbo Cooler
-CAT#: 36M48SR4
-Soft Drink Processing System
-Heated Treatment Unit
-Warmer Pipes
-Filler Pipes
-P.S.I: 200° F
-Misc Piping
-Complete Ammonia System Available
-13245 -Max HP: 250 -SH: .375 -HD: .375 -RAD: 49 2 Tanks: -H: 70in -W: 48in
Stock#: 13231
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