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Items Displayed are limited to machinery and equipment currently located at our facility.

BPDM has many other items listed that are either surplus in the field or scheduled for removal.

To best serve our customers these categories are very specific.

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Auger AMS All Fill Filler
-Twin Auger Filler w/ 4 Filling Nozzles Each (8 Total)
-Dimensions: 60"L x 58"W x 48"H
-Supply Voltage: 230V
-Full Load Current: 15A
-Interrupt Rating: 200KA
-Phase: 3
Stock#: 13403
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ELF 12 Head Inline Pressure Filler
-12 filling heads
-Pressure Manifold increases Fill Rates Substantially
-Integrated Control Panel with Touchscreen Interface
-Pneumatic logic controls
-All stainless construction
-Mounted on casters
-Full enclosure
-Pneumatic gating and drip trays
-4-1/2' matt top chain
-OAD: 14' L x 38' D x 78' Tall
Stock#: 13043
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Elgin Inline Piston Filler
-Single Head Piston Filler
-32 oz Piston Capacity
-Lug feed container indexing system
-Bottom Up Fill capable
-Agitated Product Hopper
-Hopper Cone shaped (aprox. 1.5 cu ft)
-Capable of filling heavy creams to products with large particles .
-230 / 460 volt 3 phase
Stock#: 12995
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EPAK 10 Head Gravity Filler
-10 Gravity Filling Heads on adjustable Centers
-Time / Gravity or Time / Pressure Filling Method
-Stainless Steel Product Reservoir
-Unit totally enclosed inside all stainless and lexan enclosure
-Includes complete indexing system that mounts to conveyor
-Includes Integrated Controls for Conveyor System with DC Drive
-36 inch Long beam
-Upgraded stand-alone control panel with touch screen interface
-Upgraded for use in applications where positive or negative pressure is desired (controlled environment / fume removal)
-Can be supplied with Integrated conveyor or utilize customers existing conveyor.
-Machine Base Footprint: 6' L x 4' W
Stock#: 13091
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Federal 18 Head Rotary Net Weigh Filler
-18 valve on 5' centers
-All Stainless Steel Construction
-Rising bottle table type operation
-Product reservoir with level sensing
-Full interlocked guarding
-7kg Capacity Load Cells
-3-1/4' tabletop chain conveyor
-Run direction is left to right facing the feedscrew assembly
-Operator controls on swingarm
-Filler cabinet OAD: 7' L x 7' W x 100' Tall
-Separate control cabinet OAD: 80' L x 20' D x 78' Tall
-460V 3 phase
Stock#: 12890
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Federal 18 Valve Rotary Gravity Filler
-Federal Model MFR-612G215LA285 Rotary Gravity Filler
-Stainless Steel Construction
-18 Valves on 7” Centers
-Valve outer Diameter: 1”
-Conveyor Length: 20”
-Infeed Star Diameter: 13-1/2”
-Infeed Star Pockets: 5
-Transfer Star Diameter: 13-1/2”
-Transfer Star Pockets: 5
-Discharge Star Diameter: 13-1/2”
-Discharge Star Pockets: 5
-Machine Overall Dimensions: 100” L x 60” W x 80” H
Stock#: 13327
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Filler Specialties 28 Valve Gravity Filler
-28 Head Filler
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Screw infeed
-7/8' filler valves
-Footprint 92' x 60' x 82' High
-Container feed from left to right
Stock#: 12749
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FTP Filler
-All SS construction with gating and control logic for remote filling units.
-Fill range pre-sets 2ml to 100ml.
-120V/1/60hz and air required.
-8ft long conveyor
-Air Cylinders
-Rack in cylinders insinuates 4 heads
-Cylinders drive the up and down
-Diving Heads 2 DC drives:
-One for use w/Conveyor
-One for use w/ Peristaltic Pump
Stock#: 12282
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Geyer Inline Piston Filler
-Twin Head Piston Filler
-32 oz Piston Capacity
-Split lug feed container indexing system
-Bottom Up Fill capable
-Agitated Product Hopper
-Hopper size is 24' x 24' x 12 tall (aprox. 2 cu ft)
-Capable of filling heavy creams to products with large particles .
-32 ' x 44' x 72 ' footprint.
-230 / 460 volt 3 phase
Stock#: 12483
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Geyer Semi Automatic Twin Piston Filler
-Platform mounted Geyer twin piston Filler
-16 oz Piston Capacity
-Pneumatic controlled Piston Filler
-Hopper size is 24' x 24' x 6' tall (aprox. 2 cu ft)
-32' x 44' x 72' footprint.
-120 V.
Stock#: 12484
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Horix 18 Head Rotary Gravity Filler -18 Head Automatic Rotary Filler
-9/16 inch Filling Valves
-5 inch Valve Centers
-Stainless Steel Product Bowl
-Stainless Steel Inline Prefilter
-Infeed Timing Screw Assembly
-Stainless Steel Bottle Plates
-1hp Main Drive
-Product Bowl Height Adjustment
-Float and Level Control
-Volts: 230/460 3 Phase Hz: 60
-Height: 86in
-Length: 58in
-Width: 48in Product Bowl Dimensions:
-Diameter: 30in
-Depth: 16in
Stock#: 13281
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Laub 12 Head Rotary Filler
-Laub Engineer 90F4P212 12 Head Filler
-12 Heads on 12" Centers
-1/2" Diameter Filling Heads
-Dimensions: 90"L x 72"W x 96"H
-115 / 230V
-60 Cycle
-Phase 1/3
-Air Pressure: 60PSI
Stock#: 13411
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