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Avery Primeline XL2 Automatic Front and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- This is a high-speed front and back labeling machine equipped with 2 Avery XR-17 heads capable of labeling a liner width up to 4 1/8 inch.
- A main drive powers the conveyor twin screw infeed top stabilizer and both heads.
- Powered unwind to an airbox maintains label tension for accurate placement.
- The controls are all mounted overhead and there is a status light and start up alarm present.
- Labeling heads can feed a maximum of 2500 inch per minute.
- The conveyor is 3.25" tabletop chain x 14' long.
- Top Hold Down Belt is10feet long.
- Powered by 220V single phase @ 30amps.
Stock#: 12407
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Harland Inline Wrap Labeler with Vertical Roller Carriage

- Stainless steel construction
- 14" infeed timing screw
- Continuous Motion Vertical Roller Bed Timed to infeed screw for high performance wrap labeling
- Product position adjustment
- Label position adjustment
- Head speed adjustment
- 8" max label height
- 240/480 Volts
- OAD: 120" Lx 60"W x 69" high
Stock#: 12880
In Stock

Harland Top Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- Comet 255 HT Rh labeling head
- 10" label width max.
- Top label items to 14" tall
- Conveyor bed driven by two 10" rough surface belts with a total width of 23"
- Conveyor length of 84"
- Mobil unit on casters
- Digital adjusters for fast change over.
- 240 volt machine
Stock#: 12686
In Stock

Joseph Automatic Top Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- Variable speed conveyor with mounted labeling head for top labeling.
- Conveyor is 48-inch-long with 3.25 inch plastic tabletop chain.
- On casters.
- 120 volts
Stock#: 12311
In Stock

Krones Autocol Inline Wrap Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- Inline Pressure Sensitive Labeler
- 6" Wrap Belt Assembly
- Stand Alone Allen Bradley PLC Control Cabinet
- Digital Readouts
- Open Date Print Master 1000 Hot Stamp Coder
- Vertical Power Unwind Assembly
- Leuze Label Sensor
- Runs up to 200cpm
- Feed Screw Length: 22in
- Feed Screw Diameter: 4in
- Volts: 230 3 Ph 60 Hz
- Full Load Amps: 22.4

- Overall Length: 114in
- Overall Width: 69in
- Overall Height: 69in
- Conveyor Length: 114 inches
- Conveyor Width: 4 inches

Stock#: 13283
In Stock

Labelaire Automatic Fronta and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- High speed stepper driven unit.
- Dual infeed screw alignment system.
- Mechanically integrated top hold down belt.
- 2 Labeling Heads (Front & Back)
- Air Box web control eliminates Unwind Drag on each head
- Stepper Driven Labeling Heads
- Up to 7" Label Height

-Volts: 115
-Hz: 60
-Amps: 20
-PH: 1

-Length: 203in
-Width: 60in
-Height: 70in

-Length: 203in
-Width: 3-1/2in
Stock#: 12353
In Stock

Labelaire Automatic Top or Side Blow On Labeler

- Mild and stainless construction
- Adjustable height
- 64"L x 3-1/4"W tabletop conveyor
- 4-1/2" max label height
- Air box label applicator
- Adjustable pitch
- 115 volts
- OAD: 64"L x 36"W x 68"high
Stock#: 12881
In Stock

LSI Automatic Panel Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- Cabinet base panel labeler with 6" wide table top chain on an 8' conveyor.
- Equiped with product gating and controls.
- Able to run label stock rolls to 12" diameter with 3" core.
- Operation requires 120V single phase power and compressed air.
Stock#: 12289
In Stock

LSI Corner Wrap Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- 3490 LSI labeling head
- Light stack
- 82" x 12" Dorner conveyor with adjustable speed controls
- 120 volts
- OAD: 82L x 48"W x 52"H
Stock#: 12883
In Stock

New Jersey Machine Wrap Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- Automatic panel and wraparound labeler.
- Sturdy stainless steel construction.
- Integrated table top conveyor top hold down belt and wrap station.
- Single timing screw infeed.
- Single high speed 304 labeling head w/ air box tension control.
- Max height label - 4-1/2"
- 4-1/2" table top chain on a 12' long SS conveyor
Stock#: 12177
In Stock

New Jersey Panel and Wrap Pressure Sensitive Labeler

- Mild and stainless construction
- 7'L x 4-1/2" table top conveyor
- Infeed spacing wheels
- Top stabilizer
-5-1/2" max label height
- 3-1/2" max container width
- Dual high speed camera label detection system
- Quick Panel JR Touch Panel
- OAD: 7'L x 4'W x 6'H
Stock#: 12885
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Quadrel Front and Back Wrap Labeler

-Volts: 480
-A: 11
-PH: 3
-MFG: 08 APR 09
-Height: 75in
-Width: 72in
-Length: 144in
-5in Conveyor Width
-3in Conveyor Opening for Bottle

Bodine Gear Motorx2:
-S/N: 5040RGBF-0023
-Volts: 90/130
-Hz: DC
-A: 2.1/2.8
-HP: 3/16 / 3/8
-Ratio: 5:1
-RPM: 345/500
-Torq: 31/43 lb-in
Stock#: 13143
In Stock

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