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L-Bar Sealers and Heat Shrink Tunnels

L-bar Sealers are used widely throughout the manufacturing community. Their value is their flexibility and relative low cost. These machines create a three sided seal of shrink material around the product. The automatic version of this equipment only requires placement of the product to be wrapped on its in feed conveyor. This can be done mechanically or by hand. The cycle start, sealing and shrinking is completed by the packaging equipment and it’s built in controls. As the package proceeds through the machine it is sealed and perfed to allow air to escape when shrunk. The exit conveyor will transfer the wrapped package to the entrance of the shrink tunnel. The material this machinery uses is folded film and comes on rolls. The package this type of machine creates lends itself well for multi packs of like product or group packaging of different products. This will eliminate some inner more expensive packaging thus reducing costs.

L-bar Sealer

L-Bar Sealers and Heat Shrink Tunnels are useful for sealing and wrapping your products into heat shrink film, then shrinking the film tightly around your package. L-bar sealers are often used for sealing trays, cases, bundles, stacks, and individual items. Semi automatic sealers require manual placement of product to be sealed and also manual activation of the sealing jaws. This is the most economical form of this type equipment on the market. Speed is dictated by the operator speed and sealing dwell time. Typical use for the L-bar sealer is multi-packs of the same product or group packs of different items. This package eliminates some inner, more expensive, packaging thus reducing overall costs.

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