Berks Plant Design is in the process of upgrading a facility that we built in 2008 for a client. We have machinery requirements as follows; either surplus or scheduled for removal:
Benchtop Auger Filler
Benchtop Auger Filler to assist production increases until this upgrade is complete. Preferably tooled for very small quantities using an extremely free flowing product. 
Complete Powder Line - Details Below

Complete Powder Line with either single or dual head auger filler, right-to-left spindle capper, a top pressure sensitive labeler synchronous dispense
- OR -
Components as per above:
-Single or dual head automatic auger filler
-Right to left spindle capper
-Top pressure sensitive labeler synchronous dispense; will require dual drive belts for small containers(these belts can be added at our facility.) 
Please reply to this email or contact us at 610-916-0666 ext.102.
We thank you in advance for any and all submissions.
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