Berks Plant Design is currently trying to locate the following pieces of equipment, either surplus or scheduled for removal. 

If you should have any equipment requirements that we are unaware of, please contact us 610-916-0666 ext.102 or simply reply to this email. 
(2) Urschel Comitrol 1500 Processors 
We are currently looking for two units in good working order. We have already specified the correct tooling for these comitrols and we are actively seeking units to present to our customer for reconditioning and retooling.
(2) Matching 400 - 500 Gallon Tanks
We are currently looking for two matching 400-500 gallon holding tanks with moderate agitation. These tanks must be Stainless Steel vertical tanks with self draining outlet. 
300 - 500 Gallon Tank w/ High Shear Blender
We are currently looking for a 300-500 gallon tank with high shear agitation. This tank must be a Stainless Steel vertical tank with self draining outlet. If you have information regarding a tank designed such that a high shear mixer can be mounted in a stable manner, we can consider adding the high shear agitation.    
3/5 Gallon Water Mini Plant
We are currently looking for a 3 gallon and 5 gallon capable rinse / fill / cap mini plant to operate at 125 to 150 bottles-per-hour. This would need to be an enclosed mini plant such as Steelhead, Norland, etc.    
Complete Water Bottling Line
We are currently looking for a simple complete water bottling line. This line should consist of an air rinser, filler, capper, and wrap labeler. All equipment must be inline. Speed required 40 - 60 containers per minute on 500mL.      
Please reply to this email or contact us at 610-916-0666 ext.102.
We thank you in advance for any and all submissions.
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