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The Process Equipment that we carry range from various styles of blenders, mixers, mills and grinders to small vessels, reactors and storage tanks along with sanitary pumps and fittings. Our warehouse inventories 100’s of feet in sanitary tubing from 1-1/2” up to 3”. All types of fittings are in stock from weld-on to clamp types. We have electric, air and manual valves of many sizes. Our pump selection ranges from lobe type PD pumps to centrifugal, sine and diaphragm in many sizes and materials. We also stock more specialized equipment to measure viscosity and product flow rates. All this equipment can be found on our website with pictures and technical data.

Process Equipment Process Equipment Process Equipment Process Equipment

Industrial Mixers and Blenders

Industrial Mixers and Blenders are used to mix a wide range of materials used in different industries including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and mineral industries. They are mainly used to mix different materials using different types of blades to produce a homogeneous mixture. Included are dry blending devices, paste mixing designs for high viscosity products and high shear models for emulsification, particle size reduction and homogenization.

Industrial mixers range from laboratory to production line scale, including Sigma blade blender, Ribbon Blender, V Blender, Cone Screw Blender, Screw blender, Double Cone Blender, Double Planetary High Viscosity Mixer, Counter-rotating, Double & Triple Shaft, Vacuum Mixer, Planetary Disperser, High Shear Rotor Stator and Dispersion Mixers, Paddle and Drum Blenders.

They can operate at different temperatures and pressures for mixing different solutions and can also have internal or external heating systems added to them. Options also exist where spray nozzles, CIP, PLC and pneumatic or electric systems can be used. Systems can come equipped with hydraulic or electronic soft start mechanisms so that they start and stop smoothly.

In addition to performing typical batch mixing operations, some mixing can be done continuously. Using a machine like the Continuous Processor, one or more dry ingredients and one or more liquid ingredients can be accurately and consistently metered into the machine and see a continuous, homogeneous mixture come out the discharge of the machine.[1] Many industries have converted to continuous mixing for many reasons. Some of those are ease of cleaning, lower energy consumption, smaller footprint, versatility, control, and many others. Continuous mixers, such as the twin-screw Continuous Processor, also have the ability to handle very high viscosities.

Sigma Mixer Ribbon Mixer Twin Cone Mixer
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