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Inline Secondary Bottle Orienter


BPDM can supply a variety of used Inline Secondary Bottle Orienters, either as-is, reconditioned or rebuilt. Machines are also commonly supplied ready for production.

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Inline Bottle Orienters are common machine additions to production lines for the use of standard container sorting/orienting. Inline Bottle Orienters work in two different ways, the standard inline or fixed tooling and the Inline dynamic. Fixed Tooling Inline Orienters are very standard machines that have the ability to rotate a container a single degree ex. (90 degrees or 180 degrees) depending on the orientation needed for the container. Containers come from the unscramble then move into the line where they spin until they cannot rotate any longer due to fixed tooling that prevents it from rotating, all while controlled by a top hold down belt. Then side belts will rotate the container to the desired direction and be continued down the line. The Dynamic Inline Orienter works under the same concept of the Fixed Tooling Orienter but can rotate containers 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees increasing flexibility with container positioning. This type of Orienter uses multiple sensors or cameras to find the current position of a container and rotate to the correct position. All while being controlled by a top hold down belt. Bottles that are facing the right direction continue down the production line.


Inline Bottle Orienters fit well with in almost any line before fillers, cappers, rinsers, and labelers and are common machines but have limited versatility. These machines can also be integrated with an unscrambler machine to increase production speeds. Inline Bottle Orienters can reach production speeds up to 300 units/min depending on machine model or modifications. Mostly being used in the pharmaceutical industry, food/beverage industry, and chemical industry, container types that can be used are limited in their size variation and can include (but not limited to) plastic bottles, plastic jars, chemical bottles, pill bottles, and detergent bottles.


  • Inline Secondary Bottle Orienter

    New England Dynamic Inline Orienter with Containers being rotated

  • Inline Secondary Bottle Orienter

    Standard Inline Orienter with Containers

  • Inline Secondary Bottle Orienter

    Pace Dynamic Inline Orienter with Containers being rotated.

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BPDM supplies inline orienter bottle unscramblers from our inventory, as well as Surplus Machinery whether it be idle or scheduled for removal. We've been in business since 1981 and can help you find the best possible, cost efficient solution for your application. Contact us for more information.

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