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Single Head ROPP Capping Machinery


BPDM can supply a variety of used Single Head ROPP capping equipment, either as-is, reconditioned or rebuilt. Machines are also commonly supplied ready for production.

Other Types of Capping Machinery

Rotary Single Head ROPP Capping Turret used in a Monoblock or Triblock

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Single Head ROPP Cappers are used on unthreaded aluminum shells to place and apply pressure onto the closure while thread forming wheels spin around the shell and press against it. While this is occurring, each head forms the threads of each cap conforming to the existing threads of the bottle. Both single chuck and rotary Single Head ROPP cappers are used for these applications. Caps are fed single file down a chute to a chute end or escapement where caps are stripped one at a time by the neck finish of the traveling bottle. Caps are oriented to travel down the cap chute using several methods including vertical sorters, centrifugal sorters, vibratory bowl sorters, or elevator sorters depending on the cap and speed requirements. Using a Single head machine, bottles travel single file until they reach an indexing/anti-rotational system which places the container under the single Single Head ROPP capping head. There are several variations of indexing systems. The method of controlling bottle rotation while the cap is applied varies depending on the machine design. Single Head ROPP Capping Turrets are often integrated with a filler or rinser/filler to produce a monoblock filler/capper or triblock rinser/filler/capper.


Single Head ROPP Cappers are an elegant, cost effective solution for lower speed lines. The Single Head ROPP (roll on pilfer proof) closure cannot be removed from the bottle, without it being evident that the product has been tampered with. Single Head ROPP Cappers are extremely popular in the liquor industry but are also employed in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Single Head ROPP Capper

    Single Head ROPP Capping system with an integrated cap sorter.

  • Single Head ROPP Capper

    Low-Speed Simple Single Head ROPP Capping system

  • Single Head ROPP Capper

    Single Head ROPP Capping system with an integrated cap sorter

Cap Feeders

Bulk Feeder Elevator with Linear Disc Bottle Unscrambler

Bulk Cap Elevator and Cap Blower

Why it is Used with Capping Machinery

Bulk Cap Elevator

Bulk Cap Elevators are used to automatically maintain the amount of caps in a cap sorter allowing for optimal sorter operation while eliminating the need for operators to load caps and maintain reasonable quantities of caps.

Usually, the operation of the elevator is integrated to the capper using a variety of cap level sensors.

Cap Blower

Cap Blowers use filtered air to blow caps to a cap sorter utilizing tubing that guides the caps to the cap sorter.

Cap Blowers can be advantageous because they can feed caps at a high rate, and can be placed further away from the sorter itself.

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BPDM supplies Single Head ROPP capping machinery from our inventory, as well as Surplus Machinery whether it be idle or scheduled for removal. We've been in business since 1981 and can help you find the best possible, cost efficient solution for your application. Contact us for more information.

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