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Rotary Cold Glue Labeler


BPDM can supply a variety of used rotary cold glue labeling machines, either as-is, reconditioned or rebuilt. Machines are also commonly supplied ready for production.

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Rotary Cold Glue Labelers achieve high production rates as containers travel through the system in continuous motion. Containers travel through the rotary cold glue labeler using container specific bottle handling change parts. These nearly always consist of an infeed screw, infeed star wheel, and discharge star wheel. These bottle handling change parts transfer each container onto a rotary base plate while centering bells lower onto the container such that the rotary motion of the container is controlled precisely through the labeling process. Rotary cold glue labelers can have multiple label application heads depending on the decoration requirements. Each labeling aggregate is timed with the rotating turrets positioning of the bottle. Labels are extracted from a magazine by a label drum and each label drum is designed for a specific label size. The label drum picks the label using vacuum or control fingers. As the label drum rotates, the exposed backside of the label travels past a glue station at which time cold glue is applied to the back label surface, at which point they are transferred by a second rotary vacuum turret which applies the label to the container. After the label is applied, brushes or wipers complete the labeling process as the containers travel through the rotating bottle turret. After the labeling process is complete, containers are discharged single file from the rotary cold glue labeler.


Rotary Cold Glue Labelers are designed for high speed application of labels, where speed is generally designated by the number of bottle plates and centering bells that control the containers in the rotating turret. Machines can also be supplied that orient each container using spotting lugs to place each container on the bottle plate in a identical rotary position based on indentations on the bottom of a bottle. Many different labeling applications can be produced using a combination of front, back, full wrap, and neck label configurations. Rotary Cold Glue Labelers can apply labels to a various number of products including (but not limited to) glass bottles (alcohol or sauces) and plastic bottles (soda or salad dressings).


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BPDM supplies rotary cold glue labeling machinery from our inventory, as well as Surplus Machinery whether it be idle or scheduled for removal. We've been in business since 1981 and can help you find the best possible, cost efficient solution for your application. Contact us for more information.

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