Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers

BPDM can supply a variety of used Orbital Bottle Rinsers, either as-is, reconditioned or rebuilt. Machines are also commonly supplied ready for production.

Other Types of Used Bottle Rinsers

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Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers are higher speed rinsing machines that invert containers and use a variety of rinsing methods including water, ionized air, and steam. Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers consist of a rotating carousel, infeed and discharge conveyors, and a timing screw if required for the application. While every component operates in continuous motion, bottles are timed from the infeed conveyor into pockets on the rotating carousel. Depending on the bottle a feed screw may be required to time the incoming containers to the carousel pockets. Once in the pocket, the carousel rotates inverting the bottle as well as allowing the bottle to slide just enough for an injection to enter the container opening. The Orbital Rinser continues its rotation and eventually discharges the bottles as they were presented to the machine.


Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers are mid to relatively high speed rinsers with an extremely small footprint. An additional advantage is that these rinsers can employ a wide variety of washing processes. The downside to these rinsers is that a different internal reel is needed for a range of container sizes. Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers are normally set up to operate with plastic and glass jars and containers. These inline orbital bottle rinsers are commonly found in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers

    Used Orbital Bottle Rinser

  • Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers

    Used Orbital Bottle Rinser

  • Used Orbital Bottle Rinsers

    Used Orbital Bottle Rinser

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance Services

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance is a supplier of in their current condition, reconditioned, or rebuilt. may be supplied with the proper parts and tooling to meet application specific requirements. Our mission is to supply reliable and efficient for your production needs as well as the project's budget. Many times, our are already in good running condition, or in many cases are in LIKE-NEW condition. can be tooled, customized, or upgraded upon request to suit a variety of bottling, packaging, and processing needs.

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance is a supplier of Fully Reconditioned . BPDM defines reconditioned machines such-as , that have been thoroughly inspected, then repaired as needed to be supplied to the customer in excellent running condition.

BPDM Supplies rebuilt machines such-as , which has had every wearable component replaced. Gearboxes are replaced or rebuilt to new standards. Controls are modified or upgraded as per customer's needs.

When you're looking for the right for your application, Berks Plant Design & Maintenance has a large selection of to choose from our expansive inventory, or by sourcing the proper either recently removed or scheduled to be removed. --->

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