Bliss Box Formers and Case Erectors

BPDM stocks a wide variety of new & used Box Formers customized for specific applications and requirements in all industries.


Bliss Box Formers are a type of case erector that take flat-packed cardboard to form boxes of many different shapes and sizes using either mechanical pin and dome systems, vacuum-assisted systems or a combination of both. Once the box is formed, case erectors can then seal the bottom of the case using tape or glue, or leave it unsealed entirely.


Bliss Box Formers serve an important purpose for any production line that plans to package their products automatically. Box Formers do exactly as they sound: form a box for your products to be dropped in. Most production lines including box formers or case erectors will have products ship-ready by the time they come off the production line. This type of equipment is widely used in the dairy, produce, prepared foods and meat & poultry industries.

Many times case forming functions are performed as part of a larger integrated machine such as wrap around case packers, end-load case former packers, side-load case former packers, and even bottom load machines.


  • Rotary Bottle Rinser

    An example of a simple Bliss Box Former.

  • Rotary Bottle Rinser

    An example of the type of box that can be erected by a Bliss Box Former.

  • Rotary Bottle Rinser

    A real life example of a Bliss Box Former from our inventory.

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