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Items Displayed are limited to machinery and equipment currently located at our facility. We have many other items listed that are either surplus in the field or scheduled for removal.

If you do not see the machinery you are looking for below please revise your search criteria above or do not hesitate to contact us.

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Amonia System for Carbo Cooler

-Supports Chilling for Carbo Coolers
Stock#: 13245
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15in Matt Top Conveyor Lot

- All Stainless Steel Construction
- x12 15in Wide Straight Matt Top Conveyor

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- Left Hand Side Shift
- 6" Dynamic Transfer Chain
- With 1hp Drive

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- Right Hand Side Shift
- With 1hp Drive

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- Straight Section w/ 1hp drive

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- Left Hand 90° Turn
- 6" Dynamic Transfer Chain
- With .75hp Drive

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- Left Hand Side Shift
- Complete w/ 1hp Drive and Idlers

x3 15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- Right Hand Side Shift
- Complete w/ 1hp Drive and Idlers

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- T-Section
- 6in Wide Dynamic Transfer Chain
- Adjustable Plastic Guide for Control of Flow Direction

15in Wide Matt Top Conveyor
- 90° Left Turn
- 6" Dynamic Transfer Chain
- 48"Long Straight Section Upstream of 90°
- With 1hp Drive
Stock#: 13298
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3M Top and Bottom case taper

- Manually adjusted top and bottom case taper
- Dual side belt drive
- Mounted on Casters.
- 2 inch tape heads.
- 120 Volts
Stock#: 12321
In Stock
4 Head Inline Gravity Filler

- 4 Head liquid filling machine.
- Touch Screen Controls
- All Stainless Steel Construction
- 30 gallon reservoir with Level Control
- Integrated 10' Stainless Steel Conveyor
- Integrated Automatic Indexing System
- Adjustable nozzle Beam (40" length).
- 120V w/ minimal Compressed Air Requirement.
Stock#: 13288
In Stock
75 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

- 75 gallon stainless steel tank
- Jacketed to 15 psi on hemisphere only.
- 1.5" center bottom outlet.
- 32" inner diameter w/ 12" straight side.

Bottom Vertical Port
-Length: 6in
-Diameter: 2 1/2in
Stock#: 12040
In Stock
90 Degree Belt Conveyor

- 90 degree section
- 10" food grade belting - white
- Gray painted steel frame
- Start / Emergency Stop Button control box - 8.5" x 8.5" x 7.5" deep
- 1/4 HP - 230V / 460V gearhead drive
- Belt height from floor - 37.5" Adjustable
Stock#: 12822
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Abbe 6 Gallon Vacuum Planetary Mixer

- 6 gallon jacketed vacuum rated unit with heat and vacuum instrumentation.
- Twin agitation and side bottom outlet.
- Vertical pneumatic lid lift assembly.
- Two sanitary inspection-sample ports.
- 115 / 208-230 volts.
- Unit on casters
Stock#: 12247
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Aidlin Cap Elevator Sorter

- Highly efficient cap orientation and elevation wiith small footprint..
- Last running 43 mm caps
- Orients plastic or metal closures 20mm. to 120mm
- Orient Push-Pull Sports caps at rates up to 650 cpm
- Quick change-over with patented "Speed bump"
- All stainless steel wash-down construction
- Variable speed control
- Aidlin patented 3 in one Cap Feeder orientates based on the geometry of the closures.
- Parts are gently lifted up from the bulk hopper.
- Properly orientated caps continue traveling vertically to the discharge chute and the discriminated parts return to the bulk hopper for recycling.
- The properly orientated closures are then conveyed to the capper through either a chute or an Aidlin Cap Conveyor.
- Clean-out door to ensure all caps are out of hopper for quick changeover
- 20 cubic feet bulk hopper
- Left or right hand dischargeOptions
- Clear Lexan dust cover on hopper for sanitation
- Anti-static belt for metal closures
- Low level sensor and signal for hopper replenishment
- 40 cubic feet bulk hopper
- Dual discharge outlet chute
- Can Confugure with Dual "T" cleat to accommodate both beverage and sports caps
- Large capacity hopper reduces materials handling and labor requirement for replenishment of the feeder
- Parts replenishment is done at a safe floor level.
- Gentle handling of caps suitable for fragile tamper-evident rings or thin walled closures
- Low maintenance
- Suitable for placement remotely from the capper thus conserving floorspace and reducing traffic
- Quick changeover to accommodate different size closures. Aidlin Cap Feeder can be connected to Flat Top Air Trans conveyor to allow any remote location of the equipment
- From a standard basic modular design the Aidlin Cap Feeder is adaptable to suit your plant layout and production requirements

(9020 KHS MonoBlock
Stock#: 12475
In Stock
Aidlin Cap Elevator Sorter

- Hopper / elevator cap feed system
- 20 cu ft cap hopper
- Electrical - 460 Volt - 3 phase - 60 hz - 30 FLA
- Cap chute height is 96"
- Chute exits on right side of elevator
- Footprint 4' x 5' x 10' high
Stock#: 13036
In Stock
Air Compressor

- Worthington Rollaire 75 hp
- Integrated Drier
- 360 CFM at 125 PSI
- Rotary screw air compressor with full shrouding.
- 460 V 3 phase
Stock#: 12613
In Stock
Air Conveyor (90 Degree)

- Length: 75in
- Width: 16in
- Inside Belt Width: 5in
Stock#: 13192
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Akron Automatic Drop Case Packer

- All stainless 15' long drop packer.
- 208/3/60 hz 10 amps power required.
-Lug Case Feed Operation
-Conveyor Bed is Multi Strand Tabletop Chain
-Overhead Lane Placement Fixtures w/ Spacers for Faster Changeover
-System Includes Integrated Blade Shift Upper Grid Assembly
-Integrated Heavy Duty Powered Discharge case lift
-Three Discharge Chains; Double No. 40 Chain each
-Lower Container Guide Fingers for Accurate Placement of Containers into Case
Stock#: 12265
In Stock
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