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Rebuilt Packaging and Processing Equipment

Supply of Rebuilt Packaging and Processing Machinery to Meet our Customer's Requirements.

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance is a supplier of Rebuilt packaging and processing machinery. BPDM defines a "Rebuilt" piece of machinery as a piece of machinery or processing equipment which has had every wearable component replaced. Gearboxes are replaced or rebuilt to new standards. Controls are modified or upgraded as per customer's needs.

Our mission is to supply reliable and efficient Rebuilt packaging and processing equipment for your production needs as well as the project's budget. Rebuilt packaging machinery and equipment is in most cases supplied already tooled, customized, or upgraded upon request to suit a variety of bottling, packaging, and processing needs. These Rebuilt packaging machines or Rebuilt process equipment include a factory acceptance test prior to payment and shipment, as well as a warranty.

When you're looking for the right Packaging Machinery or Processing Equipment for your application, Berks Plant Design & Maintenance has a large selection of automated packaging systems to choose from our expansive inventory, or by sourcing the proper piece of machinery either recently removed or scheduled to be removed. This allows us to commence the rebuilding process utilizing the proper "core" machine to best meet the customer's application requirements

The samples below are representative of the quality of Rebuilt packaging and processing equipment that we have supplied over the years. If you are interested in photos or references regarding specific types of machinery, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Please see our used machinery or reconditioned machinery pages for additional options in terms of Packaging Machinery and Processing equipment supply by Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc.

Please see our Product Lines to see a list of the technical details and information for the types of packaging equipment and processing machinery supplied by Berks Plant Design & Maintenance Inc.

Do you own a piece of machinery that requires Reconditioning or a Complete Rebuild?

Berks Plant Design and Maintenance Inc. offers Complete rebuild services for our customers existing packaging machinery and processing equipment. Allow us to accurately evaluate the current condition of the unit, and you can rest assured that the experts at Berks Plant Design and Maintenance will complete your project's scope of work on time, and with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Completely Rebuilt Packing and Processing Machinery - Examples of Past Projects

rebuilt packaging machine

Completely Rebuilt Linker Triblock Rinser - Filler - Capper.

This machine was completely disassembled, thoroughly rebuilt, reassembled - with several major modifications in terms of design. System was configured with versatile adjustable air conveyor discharge direct to neck handling infeed star. This included two neck finishes 28mm and 38mm with four bottle diameters requiring quick change bottle handling parts. PLC was upgraded to L555 ControlLogix with a 10" C-more touch screen HMI. Controls included all necessary integration devices and logic when delivered. Customer has a high quality maintenance staff that installed the Triblock, and Berks Plant Design and Maintenance Technicians assisted in startup and training on site. All Rebuilt Machinery is supplied with a 1 year parts warranty, meeting or exceeding new equipment manufacturers commitments.

rebuilt packaging equipment

Completely Rebuilt US Bottlers All Stainless Rotary Pressure Gravity Filler

This machine was completely disassembled, thoroughly rebuilt, reassembled, and delivered to integrate into a 200 per minute hot fill plant. Supplied with custom control system, this unit was integrated with the HTST pasteurizer via EtherNet interface. A constant recirculation loop was in place between the HTST and the filler reservoir. Temperature Controls were put in place such that the product could never be filled under temp. A valve purge subroutine would also guarantee that no under-temp product could lie in the valves and lines. Berks Plant Design and Maintenance Technicians installed, integrated, and commissioned the unit as well as training of staff upon completion. All Rebuilt Machinery is supplied with a 1 year parts warranty, meeting or exceeding new equipment manufacturers commitments.

rebuilt processing equipment

Completely Rebuilt Krones 24 Station Canmatic Labeler.

This unit was disassembled, completely rebuilt, assembled, and tested. This was supplied with a new control system including Touch Screen HMI, L555 PLC, and extensive integration logic. A major upgrade to Nordson Vista Hot melt applicators was performed replacing the maintenance intensive standard glue pots. The unit was supplied turnkey with new label and container handling change parts for two container and label sizes. A custom infeed and discharge conveyor system was built in order to seamlessly replace the old labeler in their production line. The machine was delivered, installed, and commissioned by Berks Plant Design and Maintenance's staff. All Rebuilt Machinery is supplied with a 1 year parts warranty, meeting or exceeding new equipment manufacturers commitments.

rebuilt processing machinery

Completely Rebuilt US Bottlers PGF-80, Rebuilt Alcoa 212-16 16 head Rotary Capper, and Rebuilt Silgan VG series Lug Capper - ALL Servo Synchronized!

These units were completely rebuilt, unitized with one common conveyor, and servo synchronized to each other via an extremely elaborate Control system composed of a Control Logix Processor, 3 Kinetix Servo drives, a 14" Touchscreen HMI all housed in a brand-new electrical panel. A custom designed and manufactured combination of screw kits linked the rotary filler, rotary capper, and Lug capper together for absolutely seamless container control throughout…from transfer star wheels of each machine to respective star wheels of the next machine, ending with a custom feed screw infeed on the Silgan Lug Capper. When Running plastic caps, the lug capper top end disengaged and elevated automatically to eliminate wear and provide clearance for the container for each given recipe. When running Lug and PTO caps, the Alcoa ceased its rotation, and the bottle handling change parts for that recipe were used to bypass it completely to eliminate wear and simplify container handling in general. Every possible container and cap combination (there were several) was accounted for using a recipe management system as well as quick change parts designed for use with this system. All Rebuilt Machinery is supplied with a 1 year parts warranty, meeting or exceeding new equipment manufacturers commitments.

Tell Us About Your Packaging and Process Machinery Needs

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance helps their customers achieve their packaging goals by supplying low cost / benefit ratio Completely Rebuilt packaging machinery and processing equipment that increase your productivity and profitability. As a packaging and processing equipment company with in house manufacturing capability, we have professionals to assist you in finding the ideal packaging machinery or processing equipment for your requirements, and completely rebuild these units for customers to new standards. We will specify the proper machinery and equipment to meet the specific needs of your application…most used equipment dealers offer what happens to be in their inventory and do not remotely have our capabilities.

We have been successfully providing quality Rebuilt packaging machinery and processing equipment for over 37 years. If we don't currently have the machinery or equipment in stock, we will locate the correct equipment through a large network of companies that either have idle equipment or scheduled removals. Berks Plant Design & Maintenance has an extensive inventory of packaging machinery and processing equipment for Rebuilding Purposes, as well as an extensive network of facilities from which proper machinery and equipment may be obtained. This allows us to select the proper piece of packaging machinery or processing equipment with which to commence the Complete Rebuilding Process.

We know packaging machinery. We know processing equipment. We will strive to help you with complete and affordable plant solutions.

Packaging Machinery and Processing Equipment Inventory: Modified in Real-Time

If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please call 610-916-0666. All machinery listed on the website are owned and stocked at our 109,000 sq ft facility with an expansive enclosed yard where Items suitable for the outdoor environment can be stored. All Candidates for Rebuilt packaging machinery and process equipment projects are validated and accurately specified as the correct machine for Rebuild and scope of work. Our professionals will provide you with the highest level of service and facilitate the supply of the highest quality Rebuilt packaging machinery and processing equipment. Being a packaging and processing equipment company, we have prided ourselves in providing innovative packaging systems, products, parts, and services – all designed to meet the unique needs of the many markets we serve.

When You Need Service and Support, We Are Your Packaging and Processing Systems Experts

We offer affordable, valuable alternatives to expensive new machinery by ensuring all rebuilt packaging machinery and processing equipment thoroughly matches the scope of work for a given project. From getting parts for machinery and equipment quickly to analyzing problems effectively, we are the packaging and processing equipment company you can trust. Do you wait too long for a service tech to repair your packaging machinery? Our service professionals understand your sense of urgency. We will help you receive replacement parts and wear parts as soon as possible. Our rebuilt packaging machines and processing equipment are extremely reliable.

Selling Used Machinery and Equipment?

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance buys and sells many types of used packaging machinery, as well as used process equipment. We are always looking to purchase quality surplus, and pre-owned machines, from single items to entire manufacturing facilities. If you have any idle machinery or machinery scheduled for removal, we can convert these units to cash quickly and easily. If you would like to sell your used packaging machinery or processing equipment, please contact us with information about items for sale. We purchase single packaging machines to contents of entire manufacturing plants.

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