Plant Liquidation, Plant Remediation, and Complete Equipment Liquidation

Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. offers full equipment liquidation, plant restoration, and plant remediation services. Our procedure is very straightforward, starting with inspecting the machinery and equipment. We purchase the contents of the facility under contract, which includes the overall scope of work entailed. We then begin machinery liquidation for what was not taken into stock, rig out the equipment, and complete the scope of work provided to us. This often includes complete restoration of the facility from which the items are liquidated.

Unlike the normal market auctioneer, we partner with you to offer our services as follows:

  • We provide the extra services necessary to truly realize the value of your assets by restoring, cleaning, and staging your assets to maximize buyer interest. This is performed on a quotation basis or on a time and material basis.
  • Our knowledge of the actual equipment in these markets is paramount to properly cataloging, listing, and advertising the items.
  • We inspect the machinery and equipment. We offer to purchase the lot of items in question under contract, which includes the timelines, equipment inspection, access dates/hours, etc.
  • We then liquidate machinery that is not taken into our stock or outright sold, rig out the equipment, and complete the scope of work provided to us. This often includes complete restoration of the facility from which the items are liquidated from.

This leaves you, the customer, with a guaranteed bottom line, and a facility emptied and remediated to your liking.

Liquidation Case Study:

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Letter of recommendation

The case study below details the quality and the efficiency of our liquidation services. We were invited into a 380,000 square foot beverage manufacturing facility with five complete 600 cpm lines, all process equipment, plant support equipment, and warehouse area still installed and operational. The project involved the complete liquidation of all machinery and equipment in the plant, as well as complete restoration to the condition that the facility was in when originally leased 20 years ago.

The timeline for the entire project was a mere 120 days.

After thorough investigation and planning, Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. submitted a bid along with a scope of work to be completed. We secured the project, submitted payment, and began work immediately.

The project was completed 27 days early. Both the tenant (our client) and the property management group were fully satisfied with the results.

Click here to view a testimonial letter, along with multiple before and after photos from this project.

Overview of packaging areas prior to project start. Consisted of four separate fill rooms, plus main floor area containing the rest of the lines' components.

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Overall views: Work in Progress.

Overall view of main floor completed.

Fill rooms were conjoined very early on to facilitate inspection and the project itself by removing block curtain walls with equipment still installed. Below are before / after photos.

Upper mezzanine with power distribution and a multitude of control systems: before and after.

Outside rear storage silos before project - after rigging and awaiting concrete pour.

Water treatment and reverse osmosis room: before and after.

Boiler and compressor room: before and after.

Outside cooling tunnel bank: before and after.

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