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Accumulation Tables and Rotary Tables

BPDM can supply a variety of used accumulation tables, either as-is, reconditioned or rebuilt. Machines are also commonly supplied ready for production.

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Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables

Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables provides temporary storage space for products when normal production flow is interrupted due to momentary product blockage, malfunction or machine adjustment. When the blockage is cleared, stored products are automatically fed back onto the primary conveyor line at the proper speed.

Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables

Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables are ideal for handling bottles, cans, and plastic containers. These types of tables have been installed between fillers, pasteurizers and labelers as well as between packaging equipment such as case packers, cleaners, and uncasers. Right angle accumulation provides gentle product handling.

The description of Bi-Directional Accumulation Table operation is as follows:
When a conveyor line stoppage occurs, a limit switch activates the motor on the table. The table's belt moves at a right angle away from the conveyor line to load the table. Temporary storage for containers, excess bottles or cans is provided while production continues upstream. A limit switch stops the operation when the table is full.

When the blockage is cleared, the table automatically reverses the belt movement, unloading the table into the conveyor line. Stored products are fed back onto the primary conveyor line at the proper speed, minimizing pressure by blending stored products with the normal flow of the production line.

Accumulation Tables

Bi Flow Accumulation Tables

Bi Flow accumulation tables range in all sizes depending on the design criteria of the line. Bi Flow accumulation tables primary use is collecting containers while stoppages down line occur. These delays can be planned or unplanned and the bi directional table will allow “X” amount of production to collect before there is a backlog and stoppage to upstream equipment. These tables smooth out production variances while maintaining constant work flow.

The typical design of Bi Flow accumulation tables has an in feed conveyor that runs the length of the table or beyond. This belt can run completely through to the next conveyor with collection areas on both sides. A series of belts running in the opposite direction move collected work away from the exit area and back to a desired location so they can enter the normal flow of containers. The container flow is random and in no order.

Infinity Accumulator

The infinity style conveying systems can be designed as an infinity accumulator and elevator. These infinity conveyors provide three dimensional product handling. In addition, the small side flex radius of the multi-flex chain permits compact conveyor construction. Multi-flex chain with its' unique knuckle hinge arrangement provides extra strength compared to conventional table top chain, as well as the ability to flex in multiple directions.

Applications include: Conveying between floors, In-line processing for heating and cooling, Overhead conveying to open up floor space, Routing to and from automatic or manual inspection stations. Longer runs with a single drive are possible since chain is used in conjunction with anti-friction turn discs, a combination that prevents chain tension build-up.

Serpentine Accumulation

Serpentine Accumulation is available in a first-in, first-out design or a first-in, last-out design. Serpentine Accumulation Tables are designed to handle unstable or difficult to handle products and maintain container orientation. Serpentine Accumulation Tables run faster than your line's speed, creating a gap between products, which provides space for accumulation when downstream equipment stops. Serpentine Accumulation Tables have a sanitary clean design well suited for pharmaceutical operations. Serpentine Accumulation Tables are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, and speeds.

Alpine Accumulation

Alpine Accumulators accumulate the products during production stoppages and downtime on the line. Alpine Accumulators are effective at utilizing vertical space. It can handle products and packages as long as they are stable traveling on the slight incline. Alpine Accumulators can handle products and packages as long as they stable enough to travel on a slight incline. Because the product is elevated it requires less floor space effectively reducing your factory footprint. Alpine Accumulators can be configured for vertical, horizontal, or spiral product accumulation and functions well in a variety of applications.

Rotary Tables

Rotary turntables can be used as feed tables or accumulation tables. The differences are small but necessary to do their function. The in feed turntable has adjustable wipers that create passageways for bottles to align and follow to the next piece of the line. These rotary tables may also have tray areas built of them to empty boxes or trays of their contents before they are placed on the revolving disk. The rotary tables are just that. Rotary tables collects work at the end of the line until an operator can pack or process it. Rotary tables are usually sized around the line speed and required space needed to store “X” amount of bottles.

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